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Adult: $30.00
Concession: $25.00
Child: $20.00
Tours Start: 7:30pm

Astronomers say the best time for viewing our southern skies is during Winter.

Well, this year our passionate volunteers at the Perth Observatory are offering to brave the cooler weather to show you planets, and the galactic centre passing overhead revealing many deep sky treasures that you can’t see in Summer.

We will run Winter Night Tours from June through to August. If there are clouds or even rain on the night we’ll then provide you with an amazing guided tour of the Observatory.

Either way we give out hot chocolate at the end of the night so why not put on your warmest coat, beanie and boots on and join us on the hilltop for a very different experience.

Tour Dates
02/06/18 03/06/18 08/06/18 09/06/18
10/06/18 15/06/18 16/06/17 17/06/17 **
22/06/18 ** 23/06/18 ** 24/06/18 ** 06/07/18
07/07/18 13/07/18 14/07/18 21/07/18 **
22/07/18 ** 27/07/18 !! 03/08/18 04/08/18
10/08/18 11/08/18 17/08/18 ** 18/08/18 **
31/08/18 01/09/18 07/09/18 08/09/18

** – Moonlit Nights
!! – Marsfest 2018
Tours are 1½ to 2 hours long

Please Note: We are now offering a return bus service for our winter night tours. The bus will operate on our Friday, Saturday and Sunday night sky tours and it’ll pick up and drop off people at the Bell Tower and Crown Casino. To get more info and book go to the Night Sky Tour Bus page.