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Adult: $45.00
Concession: $30.00
Child (Ages 5 to 17): $20.00
Duration: 1 and a half to 2 hours

Experience our amazing night sky through our wide range of telescopes. Our volunteers will take you on a grand tour of the most stunning objects in the Southern Hemisphere including nebulas, dying stars, enormous star clusters, and the Moon and the planets when they are in the sky.

You will also be able to browse our museum and see historical instruments, our meteorite exhibit, astrophotographs & artwork, and admire the beauty of the Atlas Coelestis, the first Star Atlas ever printed in 1729 from the work of John Flamsteed, the First Astronomer Royal at the Greenwich Observatory in Great Britain.

Tour Start Time

Month Time Month Time
Sep 7:30 pm Oct 8:00 pm
Nov 8:30 pm Dec 8:30 pm
Jan 8:30 pm Feb 8:30 pm
Mar 8:00 pm Apr 7:30 pm
May 7:30 pm

Please Note: Tours are 1½ to 2 hours long

There are four kinds of night sky tours:

Dark Sky Nights

Dark sky nights are when there’s no Moon. The fainter objects such as globular clusters and nebulae show up well against the darker background of a moonless sky.

Moonlit Nights

Moonlit nights are when the Moon is one of the observing targets. The best detail on the lunar surface is seen around half moon phase. Star clusters and bright nebulae will also be visible.

Full Moon Nights

Full moon nights are when a Full Moon occurs on a weekend or during a school holiday period. You can book on a Full Moon tour here book here

Upcoming Special Nights

31st of Oct – Halloween Night Tour (Book Here)

To see when these types of tours will be held click the button below.

Tour Type Dates


Please be aware that step or platform ladders are used to gain access to the eyepieces for some of our telescopes. We do have a pantograph telescope (Click to see) for people in wheelchairs but please note that a range of head & upper body movement is required to be able to use this telescope. You or your carer will also need to position the wheelchair with precision in the dark. If you or someone in your group requires the pantograph telescope, you can let us know by filling in the notes field in the checkout section when paying for your booking and we’ll make sure it’s ready on the night.