Welcome to the Perth Observatory Website

Western Australia’s oldest observatory is located 25km east of Perth in Bickley. The Observatory has served WA for 119 years and remains actively involved in the service of public education. In recognition of its scientific, cultural and historical significance, the Observatory was entered on the state’s Heritage Register in 2005.

The Observatory is now run under a community partnership agreement between the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group. We have great plans for the Observatory in the coming years and we are looking forward to inspiring the people to look up at the wonderful night skies of Perth

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Night Sky Tours

Our experienced and passionate tour guides will operate our unique collection of modern and historic telescopes to give evening visitors a glimpse into the fascinating world of astronomy, space science and astrophotography.

Viewing targets will differ depending on the month, the weather and the lighting conditions (dark, moonlit and full moon). Types of objects usually seen through the eyepiece include globular clusters, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. Sometimes satellites and meteors flash across the sky unexpectedly too.

We offer group bookings and gift vouchers so contact us to find out more.

School Day Tours

Our primary school day tours have been designed for primary school excursions and relate directly to the Australian National Curriculum. The students will participate in activities around the Observatory’s grounds to broaden their knowledge of astronomy and physics while seeing our range of modern and historical telescopes. Our day tours can be adapted for other groups of children aged between 7 and 12.

Adopt A Star

Looking for an awesome gift for that special someone?

Our star adoption program provides a unique gift and is a way to recognise a family member or friend through the adoption of a star. All available stars in the program are between stars that are visible to the naked eye or stars that are visible in binoculars, all in the Southern Hemisphere.

2017 Summer Lecture

There is a long-standing tradition at the Perth Observatory. Every year, we invite the public to come along on a warm summer evening in February to hear what's new and what's exciting in the world of Astronomy and Space Science.

This year, we've moved the 2017 Summer Lecture to the 10th of March so we can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the co-discovery of Uranus's Rings by Perth Observatory and astronomers using the Kuiper Airborne Observatory. Come and celebrate one of Perth Observatory's major findings that resulted in making WA an important astronomy outpost. This year's lecture speaker will be former Perth Observatory Astronomer Peter Birch who played a major part in the discovery.

There will a Coffee and Pizza van (If there's no total fire ban in place) on the night and you can contact us by the 1st of March to organise your Hainault Winery hamper.

2017 Astrofest

Back again in 2017, Astrofest is a free astronomy festival of epic proportions that will get the whole family engaging in a celebration of Australian science. Astrofest will be held on Saturday the 18th of March from 5pm to 9pm at Curtin Stadium, on the grounds of Curtin University in Bentley.

As well as optical and radio telescopes observing throughout the day and night, Astrofest will feature a myriad of interesting, engaging and exciting indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family.

There will also be many different telescopes to try out, and you can bring your own for some expert advice in getting the most out of it. There'll be awesome food trucks come early make yourself comfortable in the picnic area. The Perth Observatory volunteers will helping out on the night to be sure to stop us and say hello.


Astrophotography One Day Workshop

Sat, 25th March 2017 From 12:30pm Til 10pm
At Perth Observatory
$199.00 per person

Get started with astrophotography using your camera and a telescope. Learn what your equipment is capable of and how to make the most of what you have to get a start on astrophotography, as well as what equipment you may wish to consider in the future. The small group (max 12 participants) setting enables you to get maximum benefit from this workshop.

Live Long And Prosper

This 5th of April put on you star fleet uniform on, grab your phaser and tricorder and set course to the Perth Observatory to celebrate first contact with the Vulcans on Star Trek Day. Our telescope operators will show you stunning objects that are in Federation space and a massive nebula which is in the Orion Syndicate's terrority.

We'll have prizes for the best adult and child costumes. So please come along to this first Star Trek Day event at the Perth Observatory in your fav Star Trek gear. There could even be a Star Trek character on site, you never can tell!!!

May The 4th Be With You

This 4th of May put your Jedi robes on, clip on your Lightsabre(s) and make a lightspeed jump to the Perth Observatory to celebrate Star Wars Day. Our telescope operators will show you stunning objects whether it's a planet the Death Star could destroy, or a massive nebula to launch an attack from.

We'll have prizes for the best adult and child costumes. So please come along to our May 4th event at the Perth Observatory in your fav intergalactic gear. There could even be a Star Wars character on site, you never can tell!!!