Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have stopped our school day tours and out of school holiday care tours until the current situation is over. If you are interested in a tour when they’re restarted, please email us at
schooltours@perthobservatory.com.au and we will contact you when the tours restart.

Our primary school day tours have been designed for primary school excursions and relate to the Australian National Curriculum. The students will participate in activities around the Observatory’s grounds to broaden their knowledge of astronomy and physics while seeing our range of modern and historical telescopes. Each activity takes 30 minutes, 25 minutes for the activity and a five minute changeover time. If possible, would you please refer to the day tour activity sheets which you can download below, and include your choice of activities on the booking sheet.

Our fees are based on the number of activities:

4 Activities – $11 per student
5 Activities – $13 per student
6 Activities – $15 per student

Vacation Day Tours – $12 per student (4 Activities)

If you require more than six activities please contact us.

If you are interested in booking a tour please fill out the tour request form and we will contact you confirming a date that is free and asking for your choice of activities. If you are planning a tour that will extend over a lunch break, please allow an extra 30 minutes to your times to cater for this and it is recommended that arrive about 10–15 minutes before the start time so that the students can visit the toilets and have their morning recess snack if necessary. The tour activities will provide support for your astronomy teaching in the classroom and provide an inspiring, fun and educational experience for your students.

Please Note: The group must consist of ten students or more except in special circumstances approved by the School Day Tours Committee. The maximum number of children per tour is 60.

If you have a larger group that you would like to attend and are able to split the attendees into two groups, we are happy to do two tours in one day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, or tours on two consecutive days

Day Tour Activities

Year 3-4 ActivitiesYear 5-6 Activities

Vacation Day Activities

Kids 7-9 Yrs OldKids 10-12 Yrs Old

School Products

We have some fantastic products in our Astro Shop to make learning fun and to get your students fascinated with astronomy. Check out our products booklet to see the products we offer and you can order them using the order form.

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School Required Documents

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