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Adult: $50.00
Concession: $35.00
Child (Ages 5 to 17): $25.00
Date: Friday the 14th of February
When: 8:30 pm (Gates open 7:00 pm)

Want to have a special night with your special someone on Valentine’s Day Night? Book on our Valentine’s Day night tour and experience our amazing night sky with your partner looking through our wide range of telescopes at our sky viewing nights. Our Volunteers will take you on a grand tour of the Southern Hemisphere’s sky with a wide range of targets including nebulas, dying stars, and enormous star clusters so you can earn serious brownie points with your loved one.

You will also be able to browse our museum and see historical instruments, our meteorite exhibit, astrophotographs & artwork, and admire the beauty of the Atlas Coelestis, the first Star Atlas ever printed in 1729 from the work of John Flamsteed, the First Astronomer Royal at the Greenwich Observatory in Great Britain.