A new bunch of volunteers begin their astronomy journey with the POVG

We are so excited to welcome 18 new Probationary Trainees to our Volunteer Group. It takes a lot of very special volunteers to run the Science Outreach Program at the Perth Observatory.

2017 new volunteers. Image Credit: Geoff Scott

All our applicants undergo an information and interview session, then successful candidates are offered a place as a Probationary Trainee and asked to complete our Introductory Training sessions which run once a week over four weeks. Trainees are then mentored in their chosen area until they are ready to go solo. This can take 3 months for some and over a year for others.

Not only are our Telescope Operators volunteers, but we also have people working in School Day Tours, Group Day Tours, Heritage, Marketing, Office and Maintenance. Our trainees come from a wide variety of backgrounds – Mechanical and Chemical Engineers, Nursing, Astrophysics graduates, a Carpenter, a Politician, a Chef, Astro-photographers, Researchers and so on- and all with a love of Astronomy and warm, friendly natures.