A fun and interactive festival to inspire kids to get into science

The Perth Observatory once again had the privilege to engage in a number of exciting space style experiments and Astro talk at the annual Perth Science Festival. The two-day event took place at the Perth Convention centre on the 12th and 13th of August. Our group of volunteers showcased the wonders of astronomy by holding rocket races, demonstrating the phases of the moon, making swirling cloud atmospheres like the one on Jupiter, re-enacting the effects of magnetic fields and creating craters from meteorites. 

Kim, our Astrophysicist was busy in the cosmic kitchen, cooking up some icy comets for everyone to enjoy. We had a curious audience, from young children to the young at heart, who were overjoyed to be able to take part in our interactive experiments. Our “On the road” Astro shop was in full swing and we look forward to seeing a whole bunch of excited stargazers during our upcoming summer night tour season.