Adult: $30
Concession: $25
Child (Ages 5 to 17): $20
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: Saturday, 23rd of March
Time: 8 pm (Doors open at: 5 pm)

Come and be a part of our annual summer lecture as we delve into the captivating realm of black holes. This year’s presentation focuses on the intriguing phenomenon that occurs when celestial bodies venture too close to these enigmatic cosmic entities. Born from the demise of massive stars, black holes epitomize the extremes of physics, showcasing densities surpassing nuclear density and gravitational fields so potent that they warp the very fabric of time and space.

In this engaging talk, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding the formation of black holes, their abode in the cosmos, and their instrumental role in advancing our comprehension of extreme physics. The astronomers of Perth, utilizing telescopes in the deserts of Western Australia, stand at the forefront of this exploration. They keenly observe the cosmic drama unfolding when ill-fated stars approach the supermassive giants residing at the cores of galaxies.

Our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Adelle Goodwin, an astrophysicist at the International Centre for Radio Research, will lead the discussion. Her journey in astrophysics was shaped by a passion for reading, an innate curiosity about the behaviour of the universe, and a profound interest in space’s mysteries—such as the question of whether black holes truly consume everything in their path. Dr. Goodwin’s research focuses on the invisible remnants of deceased stars: black holes and neutron stars.

Please be aware that the event will take place on the Observatory’s back lawn, weather permitting. Remember to bring blankets and warm clothing to ensure a comfortable experience.

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