Attendee: $300 per person
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: From Wednesday 29th of May
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm (Doors open at: 6:30 pm)

Are you fascinated by the vast expanse of space and the mysteries of our universe, and want to learn more about it? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to discover more about our amazing cosmos!

Perth Observatory has a 5-week course on space and astronomy, covering a range of topics such as Light, Astrobiology, Galaxies, the Physics of Stars, and the Big Bang. Led by our experienced STEM Coordinator, Jenny Gull, you’ll have the chance to learn from an expert in the field.

Each week we’ll delve deeper into a different aspect of the universe, with engaging presentations and interactive Q&A sessions. You’ll also have the chance to get hands-on experience with telescopes and equipment to observe the night sky.

There is optional homework associated with this course, along with handouts of relevant data, diagrams and references. At the end of the course, participants will receive a special certificate from Perth Observatory.

So, if you delve more into the wonders of space and astronomy, sign up for our 5-week course today!

Please Note: While it’s not required, we do recommend you do the Astronomy 101 Course first.

Topics we'll cover:
Week 1: Reading the Light
Wednesday, May 29th
  • The changing night sky
  • Discovering the outer planets
  • Spectra
  • Types of stars
Week 2: Astrobiology
Wednesday, June 5th
  • Sun & the Planets
  • Conditions for life
  • Where do we look?
  • Extinction events
Week 3: Galaxies
Wednesday, June 12th
  • Types of galaxies
  • Where are we in the Milky Way
  • Dark Matter
  • Black Holes
Week 4: Physics of Stars
Wednesday, June 19th
  • Spectral absorption lines
  • What's so special about iron?
  • Planetary nebula
  • Active galactic nuclei
Week 5: The Big Bang
Wednesday, June 26th
  • Newton vs Einstein
  • Redshift
  • The Big Bang
  • Dark Energy

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