Price: $125 per person (Sold Out)
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: Wednesdays from the 3rd of July
Time: 7 pm to 8:30 pm (Doors open at: 6:30 pm)

Do you have a passion for space and astronomy but never had the time to study it?

The Perth Observatory has organised a 5-week beginners course so you can learn about our amazing universe. Each week we’ll go through a different topic including ancient astronomy, space exploration, the life cycle of a star, the planets and how to use a telescope. We’ll then have a Q & A session with tea and coffee before we head up to the telescopes for some hand on practical experience.

We are delighted to have Arthur Harvey as our presenter for this course. Arthur has been part of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group since 2008 and has run Night Sky Tours and Day Tours for schools and community groups. He is also heavily involved in the training of all our new volunteers.

On completion of the 5 week course, each participant will receive a special Perth Observatory certificate

Topics we’ll cover:

Week 1: Ancient Astronomy
3rd of July

  • Egyptians & the ‘Middle East’
  • Greeks & Romans
  • Southern Skies
  • Before the telescope

Week 2: The Telescope Era
10th of July

  • Sun & the Planets
  • Bigger is better
  • What can we see
  • Hubble, the man & the telescope

Week 3 By the numbers:
17th of July

  • How do we find things
  • How far away are they
  • Light [EMR] IR UV etc

Week 4: Space exploration
24th of July

  • Rocketry
  • Moon, Planets & Sun
  • Deep Space
  • Colonisation

Week 5: Stars
31st of July

  • What are they made of?
  • How do they generate energy
  • How do we know
  • Supernova The ultimate re-cycling

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