General Information


Aim to arrive 15 minutes early to minimise inconvenience, especially on the evening sessions.

Dress Appropriately

Our star viewing sessions are outdoor activities, in the bush and in the dark and can be cold.

Young Children

Our evening programs are designed for children eight years and over.


Is totally prohibited in the Observatory grounds and buildings.


The Observatory is in a National Park and is part of the Department of Parks and Wildlife, which requires visitors to take their litter when they leave.

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available to some but not all areas of the Observatory. The main administration building, housing the display and lecture rooms, can be accessed by a wheelchair ramp at the back of the building. In the visitors’ observing area a small telescope can be set up on a panto-graph mount for people in wheelchairs, but only for one or two at a time. Upper body mobility is needed. Please tell staff about your special needs when making your booking.