Cloudy Nights

Perth Observatory tours are designed to operate in clear, cloudy and wet conditions. Our tours contain a rich combination of star viewing, equipment tours, astrophotography, history and education delivered by a trained, enthusiastic group of staff and volunteers. The exact content of a tour will vary based on the weather conditions at the time to optimise the participant experience. Tickets booked for a tour will not be refunded when cloudy conditions are forecast in the lead up to a tour. It is extremely common that forecasted cloudy conditions will not eventuate to the extent that viewing is not possible. Exceptions:

  • If a ticket holder previously attended a tour and that last attended tour was deemed by the observatory to be a cloudy tour, that ticket may be transferred to an alternate date.
  • If the Bureau of Meteorology have in place a Severe Weather Warning for the Perth Metropolitan region, including Perth Hills/Bickley area, for the time of the tour, or within 6 hours of the tour start time (12 hour window around the tour), tours during the hours defined by the Severe Weather Warning will be cancelled.

In the event of a severe weather warning, the decision to cancel the tour will be made on the day of the tour and all ticket holders will be contacted using details provided during the booking process.

You will then be given the option to receive a refund or transfer the booking to an alternative tour date/time. (Please ensure that these contact details are correct).

If, at the conclusion of a tour, Perth Observatory deems that the tour was considered cloudy, ticket holders of that tour will be provided a 50% discount code for a future tour. When attending that future tour the ticket holder may postpone to an alternative date if cloudy conditions are forecast. Perth Observatory will deem a night as being “cloudy” when:

No more than three astronomical objects are able to be viewed by participants through

  • telescopes, or
  • At the discretion of Perth Observatory.