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Adult: $40.00
Concession: $30.00
Child (Ages 5 to 17): $20.00
Date: Friday the 2nd of October
When: 7 pm (Gates open 6:30 pm)

Have you ever wondered about the mythology that surrounds the moon? Let’s have a conversation about it. 

Every society has created many myths and legends about our favourite satellite, from its creation to why it goes through phases throughout the month. This conversation series will take you on a journey to discover all the different facets of the moon and the cultural myths that surround it. Join us for this first month’s discussion of some of the most known moon mythology, why many myths are similar across cultures and what we can learn about these societies through their interest in the moon. And, of course, have a good look at the moon through one of our telescopes. Finish the night with some tea or coffee and a conversation with our speaker for the evening.

  • The lecture begins at 7 pm
  • Moon Viewing at 7.45 pm,
  • Hot Drinks served in the foyer at 8.45 pm


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