Attendee: $15 (1 guardian spot included, supervision required)
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: 17th, 19th, and 24th of January
Time: 10:00 am till 12:00 noon (Doors open at: 9:30 am)

Come along to the Perth Observatory this school holiday to learn about stars, constellations, meteors, and our Sun!

Our school holiday programs are designed for children aged 6-12 and will take approximately 2 hours. Children must be supervised by at least one guardian throughout the program.

Choose between one of the activities below or come along to all three!

Star Light Star Bright

Learn about stars, constellations, and how Astronomers discover new stars, planets, and asteroids.

In this program, we will look at one of our historical telescopes and how it used photographic plates to find new stars. We will then go on a tour of our night sky (through the program Stellarium) and the constellations that make it up.

Our Special Star

Learn about our Sun, the light and energy it gives off and how we can use it to tell the time, or power our electronics.

In this program, we will look through a solar telescope at our sun and learn about sunspots and solar flares, and how we can use shadows to tell the time.

Crash Landing!

Learn about the rocks that float in space and what happens when they crash land into the Earth.

In this program, we will observe a real meteorite and learn about what happens when they land on Earth. Then we will make our own meteors and learn about impact craters.

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