Processing an astrophotography image in Adobe Light Room
Processing an astrophotography image in Adobe Photoshop
Price: $75 per person (Sold Out)
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: Tuesday 9th of April
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm (Gates open at: 6:30 pm)

Taking on from where the beginners class will have left off, this intermediate class assumes a basic knowledge of image file types, file handling, basic post-processing and the concepts of astronomy image stacking.

In this workshop we delve more into image stacking and post-processing, incorporating the use of leading software package PixInsight for more accurate and capable image processing (and associated additional complexities).

Tentative outline of topics covered:

  • Quick overview of:
    • Types of astronomy images (calibration and light frames)
    • Introduction to the concept of image stacking
  • Stacking of wide field nightscape images in:
    • Deep Sky Stacker
    • PixInsight
  • Stacking of narrow field images in:
    • CCDStacker
    • PixInsight
  • Layering of stacked and foreground exposures for nightscape images, in Photoshop.
  • Post-processing in:
    • Lightroom
    • Photoshop


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