Attendee: $120 per person
Location: Walkaway Wind Farm Lookout (
Date: 12th of August
Time: 6:00 pm – 10 pm

This workshop will be on-location at Walkaway Wind Farms Lookout, half an hour out of Geraldton in the mid-West region. This is the first stop on our 4-night tour doing workshops and night sky viewing.

Roger Groom and Ken Lawson will join forces to give you a fantastic night under the stars, shooting stars! Get involved early by dropping by The Provincial for a casual chat while we have dinner before heading to the wind farm. Once at the wind farm, we’ll take you through the technicalities of widefield & nightscape astrophotography, answer your questions, delve into topics you want to know more about. Then it’s cameras out and shooting wind turbines.

For this workshop that the Milky Way will be high in the sky, and some turbines are very close – so you will want your super-wide angle lenses. However it is also worth considering the unique more distant view of the night sky and turbines, using short to mid-telephoto lenses (eg 50-150mm, ideally fast lenses) for a different perspective.

Car Parking and Access

Walkaway Wind Farms Lookout is located 39 km southeast of Geraldton. The lookout car park is located on Nangetty-Walkaway Rd and has toilets on site. The roads to the lookout are sealed but you do have to be careful of kangaroos. We will photograph the wind farm from the car park and nearby track.


In the first hour (starting 6 pm), two of WA’s most experienced astrophotography workshop facilitators, Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia (and Perth Observatory volunteer) and Ken Lawson of Astro Star Tours and Ken Lawson Photography will take you through the technicalities and how-to information of astrophotography for the session before then starting the night’s practical. During the night practical, you can choose whether you wander by yourself putting into practice what you have learned, or stay with Roger and Ken and be taken through the steps of setting up a tracking mount and camera. You can borrow Roger’s ultra-portable tracking mounts during the practical time to test drive before you buy and to do some longer focal length photography of the Milky Way.

Time Description
4:30 pm – 5:15 pm OPTIONAL: Join us at the Provincial in Geraldton for dinner (Google Map)
6:00 pm Arrive at 6:00 pm start at the Walkaway Wind Farms Lookout Car Park (Google Map)
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Welcome, general info, introduction to nightscape photography.
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Taking photos at the Rocky Pool
Tour start times


If Bad Weather

Clouds are our mortal enemy as they can decide to roll in a ruin a night. On the night if it’s completely cloudy and we don’t get any clear skies, we’ll refund 25% of your booking, but we’ll still go ahead with the night as we can still get some awesome photos of the night landscape, light painting, and clouds, and we’ve learnt over the years that clear skies can surprisingly show up at any moment.

If it is forecast to rain in the 3-hour window of the event with a chance greater than 25% or there’s a severe weather warning in place at 2 pm on the day, we’ll cancel the night and fully refund your booking. In this case, we will call and email you to say the night is cancelled and we’ll fully refund your booking.

Rain CTA

Cloudy Scenario

What To Bring

Safety and comfort first – You MUST be well prepared:

  • You must have a head torch that has a white light and dim white or red light, well charged/new batteries.
  • You must have a backpack or bag with at least 1L water, snacks you may require, appropriate clothing layers
  • You must wear sturdy enclosed footwear
  • Bring any food or drinks you may require (no alcohol please)
  • Long pants and shirts are recommended
  • It could be cold, dress appropriately with layers

Camera gear:

  • A camera (preferably a DSLR or similarly capable mirrorless camera) that you are familiar with and
    comfortable with its operation. We strongly recommend that you practice using your camera in a pitch dark room if not already familiar with the nighttime use of your camera’s controls.
  • Camera tripod
  • Cable release, intervalometer or remote trigger for your camera
  • Lenses to suit wide-field shooting (enquire ahead of time if you have questions), and perhaps a short to mid-telephoto lens (up to 200mm and ideally fast).
  • Optionally, longer lenses up to 200mm to use on the tracking mounts, ideally fast lenses such as 100mm macro or 200mm f/2.8 or f/4.
  • Camera batteries and appropriate storage cards
Safety First

Due care is needed on the night as there will be some uneven ground on the night. While we are there to photograph dark skies and minimal light is required for that, participants will be encouraged to use what light they deem necessary to move about in safety. Participants will be encouraged to spread out in the allocated areas and required to stay well clear of cliffs and areas that may present a significant hazard. Participants will need to be tolerant of others moving about the area in a safe manner, something we expect to be achieved in part through our small group size.

Taking a photo

What To Bring

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